Authority seeks to achieve its objectives by building a strong and an integrated, modern, personality to be able to perform its mission in society & assume Responsibility towards the nation & the implementation of tasks associated with the sovereign national security of Egypt, which is the use of whatever produced by the era of the potential and scientific capabilities & multitechnicals.

       If the current era is characterized by information & communication revolution, there is no doubt that the international information & related cross cutting network throughout the world, Is one of the achievements of this revolution, It provides access to information from various sources in the shortest possible time, in a brief system, a huge effort & money , So it is the largest Bank of knowledge in the world, Involving and benefiting the world's population at the same time.

       The basis of this principle was appointed by the authority's seekness to be one of the participants connected to the internet for information on the site, which provides a great opportunity for communication between the broad (Authority) and all of its customers, Whether governmental agencies or private parties or citizens, in addition to site's interface to view all the services provided by the authority in the area of work & within its responsibility.

       The development & modernization which was witnessed by the authority's website came as a preliminary step in implementing the development strategy & the development of the authority became an integrated panorama of work for the committee so I hope that the grace of Allah Almighty in achieving for which the site was created & updated, & to express my best wishes for the system as the Egyptian General Survey Authority of the space time progress & prosperity & Success in the performance of its mission's towards our dear Egypt & its dear people.