Authority seeks to achieve its objectives by building a strong and an integrated, modern, personality to be able to perform its mission in society & assume Responsibility towards the nation & the implementation of tasks associated with the sovereign national security of Egypt, which is the use of whatever produced by the era of the potential and scientific capabilities & multitechnicals .
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State property
Mechanization of the work of all the data on state property, so as to provide a database linked to cadastral maps of all property State, to prevent the manipulation of property .
Central Department of Title Registration
The project aims to build an integrated solution to protect intellectual property in the state and prevent the forgery of land grabbing and And manipulation of the properties .
Drafting maps
Action-mail archiving system, which aims to protect the property and the ease of entry and retrieval of documents and the confidentiality of such data and documents .
Tourist signs
This project aims to create a directory for each tourist cities, capitals of the governorates to Includes all major tourist attractions and services of each city .


  • The message of general Administration of training is to develop and train human resources for high performance & keep place with the tremendous development in the information area & modern techniques.
  • Training engineers & technicians to increase their skills to increase production efficiency & meet futures challenges.