Touristy directories

  • Egyptian survey authority (ESA) is the only official authority which has the right of building touristy maps with different scales and with paper or digital shapes owing to the republican decisions arranging the authority's competences .

  • Therefore protocols have been distributed between (ESA) and the ministry of local development on Wednesday 5th of May, 2010 aiming to building and printing the touristy directories for the Egyptian towns and cities. Each directory has clarifying maps with suitable scale contain the geographical position of the city and all its districts and divisions moreover the details of the most important features and places such as: (banks – hotels - clubs – schools – universities – research centers – highways – railways – touristy places --- etc) .

  • Walking on the set plan between the Egyptian Survey Authority (ESA) and ministry of local development, Cairo city and Ismailia city touristy directories have been built and nowadays it is being performed for the rest of the plan. PS. All the performed directories are now ready for sale to the public at he sale room at the main building of the authority .