Central Department of Title Registration

The Central department of title registration is one of the central departments at (ESA) –Egyptian Survey Authority- which is committed to carry out the Title registration project. It helps the real estates department with the registration works which has a proceeded law number 142/1964 .

Title registration is one of the regular systems to arrange and register ownership depending on the location for the properties. Registrations consist of a group pages describes each real estate and its legal condition and its consequence rights.
The central department of title registration with the help of the real estate department do the following:

  • Preparation for a priority plan to the survey divisions which will be recorded. This system is instead of the deed registration system which was used in Egypt and depended on the property order and according to the owners names but is caused an unstable system for the properties .
  • Complete the survey works for all real estates on survey registries through title registration offices all over the governorate's survey departments .
  • Follow up the plan of finishing the title registration works all over the governorates and overcoming the obstacles by the coordination with the participants share in carrying out the title registration works.
  • Follow up the national projects which concern the title registration works such as the automating the rural title registration and implementing the registration works at the urban areas .