The General Administration of Geodesy

Geodic survey is a branch of surveying science branch it only takes the real shape of the Earth in mind, this is the most accurate in terms of measurements & devices used and the results thus obtained as a result of the foregoing,the diversity of products & services. The general administration of Geodesy may be summarized as follows :

Acts of astronomical calculations :

  • Announced the issuance of astronomical calendars .
  • Determine the mosques' prayer  & worshipers line .
  • Account the dates of various events & festival .
  • Prepare & send data to explore the moon each Hijri month,Salum,Kharga,Suhag,Qena and Toshka .

Business of Budget :

  • To identify wastage lines of old Benchmarks .
  • Making first class benchmarks networks in all areas of the Republic .
  • Carry out the budget to account for the network & covered sewage  areas & areas of land reclamation & touristic villages to protect the shore of the Nile River & Delta .
  • the budget to account for longitudinal & find levels of real estate, routing power lines, oil pipelines water ways& air points runway axes in addition to the main roads for the completion of sewage works .

Altravrs Business :

  • The calculation of civil rights of all parts of the republic .
  • Identifying signs of separation boundaries & requests for expropriation .
  • The expense of projects of roads, sanitation & agricultural departments of all surveying districts .
  • Discovering altravers of cities for the project work area and modern area directorates in the governments .

Acts of Agricultural statistics :

  • The department of agricultural statistics calculates flats strategic crops such as rice, wheat, cotton, & sugar cane .

Others :

  • Arbitrating disputes between individual & Authorities to indicate the correct location for each party .
  • Expense the extraction of flat pieces expropriated for public utility projects .
  • The establishment of gravity networks  to all parts of the republic to correct the
  • Bring down the coordinates of triangle of various grades on topographic or a kilometric of all scales .
  • Meteorological budget & points of triangle .