Egyptian General Surveying authority has been established under the name of Public surveying authority, and was designed at that time for the coverage of the Egyptian land with topographical maps and the creation of maps and books of ownership of agricultural lands located within the reins and built real estate’s within the city to collect the taxes and to create records that officials responsible for them.

In 1971 turned the public authority related to the Ministry of Irrigation, identified tasks several resolutions of the Republic of the latest presidential decree No. 328 of 1983 also defines supervision system of the surveying business carried out by non-Republican Decree No. 298 of 1984, then switched to economic organization in 2001.

We have passed through the authority during a long service life through several stages, widened during the scope of its work and developed the techniques to keep place with global developments in this area, and has achieved in recent great achievements in the field of automated conversion, which provides IT infrastructure geographical necessary for overall economic activity in particular and development in general in the context of strategy State-building e-government in the global trend in the information age.

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