Historic maps were drawn in earlier ages by the talented maps makers, so cartography was known in the past as the art of cartography. The accuracy of drawing maps caught eyes specially in elevation and depressions clarifying by using (color hatching) which describes elevations, depressions and different depths of water. In addition to that the various writing which suits the feature size and the places of writing on the map .
Inks also were amazing in the past maps which have lasted for years with their freshness and perfect quality. In spite of maps developed production and the using of computers and modern devices in maps drawing, the old maps are more beautiful and accuracy that the modern ones.
The database of the maps which have been archived contains transportation maps, cities maps Tare3 maps ( the previous survey authority name) and Thebes monuments maps. Some of these maps have been made in the 18th century. The scale of these maps is 1:200 or 1:6.000.000.