The project of drafting maps & Authority’s documents

  • The Egyptian General Survey Authority has been working in the field of maps for more than a hundred years, which produced in a huge amount of maps, which is available in various sizes and measures especially in Chamber of original maps, which contain important maps include military, historical, rarely maps, as well as rarely historical documents .

  • The contents of the department considered a national treasure and one of the most important factor in sustaining the Authority in fulfilling its role effectively in the community, According to the current important events Which already have affected the course of things all over the world are minors as “World Trade Center bombing and the devastating fire”, which plagued the building of Advice Council which claimed huge amounts of documents, Thus the Engineer / Chairman of the Authority instructed the beginning immediately in archiving maps and documents in the case of any natural or abnormal disasters .

  • Owing to the Documents suffering from problems and deficiencies from paper-way archiving as loss, moisture, heat, dust, rodents, etc. and the difficulty of searching by the traditional way (the paper way) and due to huge technological development in the field of conservation of documents and information and it’s circulation Therefore, The Egyptian General Surveying Authority has a leading role in preserving these documents by making E-archiving system, which aims to protect the property of the Authority and controlling units of entering and units of recovering of documents and controlling of the confidentiality of such data and documents with flexibility and high accuracy with ease of access and summoned as soon as possible and the lowest percentage of error .

  • Specialized companies were offered in this area and the estimated value for work of overseeing the project and building Database is 35 million Egyptian pounds for the execution of the archiving system to the whole work of the Authority and change forms to the districts .